About Us

Cancorp Glass Industries Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated glass manufacturing company that has been designing and creating custom glass projects for over 20 years. We take every customer with the assumption that this will be a long term relationship. We strive to ensure the customer is satisfied at the end of the day.

We take active responsibility in each project we handle, we take stock in the success of each design, and we take pride in the work we do.

Cancorp Glass Industries is aware that design and construction professionals today need more than a service provider to get the job done, we become a vested partner in finding unique glass solutions that best communicate our clients’ vision and get the job done right.

This is why Cancorp Glass Industries is one of the leading commercial and architectural glass fabricators in the industry, operating in Ontario. We specialize in glass products and services, such as:

  • Laminated Glass
  • Custom and Bent Tempered Glass
  • Insulated Glass Units
  • High Performance Low-E Glass
  • Bullet Resistant and Hurricane Proof Glass
  • Custom Quality Mirrors
  • All-Glass Doors and Entry Systems
  • All-Glass Tables, Handrails, and Shower Enclosures

We understand the rising standards and ever-changing demands that design and construction professionals face. We adopt the same high standards to our own practice and meet them consistently. 

Contact  us at 866.471.GLAS (4527) or 905.760.1199